WOW Toys Review and Giveaway!

This time I’m going to cover a brand of young children’s toys Called WOW!


Personally I love these toys myself but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here shall we?

WOW! toys are a brand that specializes in small children’s toys of all sorts of settings.
The toys come in areas such as Ambulances, restaurants, sports and leisure jobs.

Each toy comes with its own little “figure” that can be used to interact with the other
items in the set.

I’m going to be covering everything I think the parents should know about these toys
and highlighting their pro’s for the child.

Presentation - Every toy is in a cardboard box with a clear plastic window that allows you to see inside the toy and all its extra parts. Great as you know exactly what you’re going to get!
Doesn’t it drive you mad when you buy a toy and get a mammoth sizes box only to find close to a kilo of polystyrene packing and you end up with a 6″ toy? Well that’s why these are so good as you can tell the exact size and make up of what you get.

Contents - E.G. Rosie’s Royal Ride – In this set you get a horse, a carriage and 2 adorable figures (a prince and a princess). The horse clips neatly into the carriage with 2 sturdy protruding “spikes” (they’re actually very small and totally not sharp!) The carriage itself is a decent size and has a little sticker showing some rather spiffing tea and scones, a WOW! sticker on the back and some lovely printed roses on the side. The best part about it has to be the wheels that make a very clever little “Clickety-click” sound that, if you push the toy at the right speed, sounds uncannily similar to the gallop of a horse! Ingenious! The figures are all the exact same size (near enough due to hair, hats and other things) and all stay in the same position. Arms out and a smile on their face. This makes it very easy to “chop and change” the little people in your child’s play time. If they fancy making a farmer
the prince charming in the Royal Ride carriage then that’s OK because they all sit nicely in the seats made for the vehicles.


Each toy comes with a little “flyer” that shows other toys available in the collection
and a also a colouring page for your child to occupy themselves with whilst you unpack the toy.
But that’s no it, oh no no no! The icing on the cake is that every toy comes with a cardboard scene that can be stood up on it’s own to provide a backdrop for your little one to add some imagery to their imagination!

Packing - I’m really sorry WOW! but this is your downfall here… These toys are harder to get to than Fort Knox!
Each toy is sat on a cardboard box (perfectly presented) and secured with a metal wire that has a plastic covering over it to avoid being too dangerous. The Figures are tied up to the vehicle, the vehicle is tied up to the box and everything is well held by these wires.
The best way to get to the toy itself is to cut them with some scissors (well that’s the fastest way to do it) but they can be easily untied if you have the patience.

I feel nothing is wasted in how the toys are packed which is a pro point for the environment!
Just be careful when removing the toy as you can, as mentioned previously, use the cardboard back to make the scenery for a play time adventure.

Pro’s for the Child - These toys come in such a wide variety that Boys and Girls can play with them with unbiased prejudice. There are respectable occupations such as Doctors, Police, and Chef’s with also some more fun based toys such as a Water sports set, a cupcake shop and a farmer set!

No matter what your child wants to play, there will always be that option available to buy and create their own adventures about a Chef who needs to go to the farm for ingredients and has to cross a great ocean to get there… Maybe I’m a little too involved with these toys!

Anyway The toys are recommended from around 18-36 months meaning that the pieces aren’t that small to be a major hazard and they’re not going to get lost in small spaces that the little mischief makers always manage to find around your home!

The toys don’t require batteries and have surprising amounts of detail and thought gone into creating them.

These are 100% on the Christmas list IF Santa says they’ve been good little angels…

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  1. love how it comes with a colouring page

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    They have the WOW factor and are durable and colourful and loved by my kids!

  3. EMMA WALTERS says:

    such solid toys & no batteries!!!

  4. Catherine McAlinden says:

    I love that you don’t need batteries!

  5. claire woods says:

    Well made.

  6. They are so cute and them not needing batteries is fab x

  7. Angie McDonald says:

    I love that they are both unique and well made :)

  8. Katherine Teff says:

    I love that they are so versatile and have such longevity- we had our first Wow toy for our son’s first birthday and it is still a massive favourite now. They have survived quite a beating in our house, with no casualties and they don’t require batteries, so there is never the panic of them not being able to work. We have bought many as presents for other children over the last few years and they are a big hit.

  9. steven young says:

    Well made and very child friendly

  10. laura banks says:

    they are sturdy

  11. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    They look well made, don’t need batteries and they’re pink!! :)

  12. Harriet Turner says:

    I love the colourful toys

  13. Sophie Spiby says:

    Good Quality

  14. Jenna Keller says:

    They are fun, cute and of course don’t need batteries!

  15. No batteries and my daughter will love these.

  16. Jo Richards says:

    Such lasting toys and always so colourful

  17. Colourful and Hard-Wearing

  18. their simplicity and good design

  19. Amy Ripley says:

    lovely colours and hard wearing!

  20. I love that they’re ‘proper’ toys which do what they say with no flashy electronic bits and kids love them and actually play with them.

  21. Rebecca M Morgan says:

    I love toys that encourage imaginative play! These are sturdy, bright, colourful and look lots of fun! My daughters would adore them!

  22. Karen Barrett says:

    They are fab! So sturdy and well made, also love the vibrant colours.

  23. Leanne Newsome says:

    I love all the different types of toys wow sell

  24. Sarah Benn says:

    Great quality

  25. Svetlana Lemantovic says:

    I love WOW toys because they are durable, fun, educational, but most important my kids love playing with them

  26. Eileen Flaherty says:

    Tough, durable and great colours..last a lifetime and all kids love them..

  27. sandra shaheen says:

    The designs and the Wow factor.

  28. Love the vehicles names xx

  29. They are extremely durable

  30. Val Swift says:

    No batteries!!!

  31. julie laing says:

    No batteries

  32. Caroline H says:

    I like the traditional nature of the toys and all the opportunities for children to use their imagination.

  33. laura pyper says:

    made to last :)

  34. I like that they are well made and capture the children’s imagination and also no batteries are needed for them

  35. claire griffiths says:

    i love that wow toys are bright fun and need no batteries my little ones love them too which is a big plus

  36. Val Hartley says:

    The fact that these wonderful looking toys do not need batteries.

  37. Kat Lucas says:

    No batteries and so bright and fun

  38. Emma Ellison says:

    They are well made, a large choice available & not a bad price :-)
    No batteries is a big plus!

  39. Hannah Oneill says:

    The quality and no need for batteries

  40. Stuart Edwards says:

    the cuteness

  41. Angela Sandhu says:


  42. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Definitely no batteries!

  43. Stacey Tripconey says:

    I love that there are no batteries!


    They look such fun and good quality too

  45. Kelly Lawton says:

    Bright and chunky..perfect for little hands :)

  46. John Taggart says:

    Their qualitu

  47. Bright appealing colours

  48. Pam Hubbard says:

    They are well made

  49. Denise Blythe says:

    I love their chunkiness and roundness, our little one loves them

  50. carole maciver says:

    well made

  51. victoria taylor says:

    well made and turable

  52. Melody Williams says:

    They are cute, friendly and safe

  53. Kerry manners says:

    Love that it comes with a backdrop, and no batteries is a plus!

  54. katrina day-reilly says:

    well made at great prices

  55. TRACEY HUBER says:

    Sturdy, safe and colourful

  56. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    They’re nice and solid and chunky, you know they’re not going to break easily!

  57. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    robust and occupy my kids for hours

  58. CHRIS ANDREWS says:

    quality and value

  59. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I love the quality and variety of WOW toys.

  60. So well made, Quality

  61. julie repper says:

    nice and colourful and very sturdy!

  62. Love how I can find thier toys at independant retialers, including the local arts and crafts/bits and bobs shops!

  63. melanie stirling says:

    They are chunky,well made ,bright and fun.

  64. andrea lloyd says:

    no batteries needed and are ideal for younger children

  65. they are such a cute design

  66. Deborah Quinn says:

    amazing ideas! beautifully crafted and no batteries!!

  67. Sara Macey says:

    They are very fun, colourful and hardwearing

  68. natalie blyth says:

    well made safe toys

  69. Judith (from Israel) says:

    I love the wide variety of toys available.

  70. Fiona Henderson says:

    Wow looks great

  71. paulapants says:

    It’s great that they are colorful and sturdy!

  72. they are colourful and educational

  73. They are so durable and fun!

  74. jenette ogborn says:

    Wow toys are so well made and always a big hit with my girls.

  75. Katie mackenzie says:

    these look fun, and i love the NO batteries :) x

  76. zoe lucas says:

    Wow Toys are well thought out and well made hours of fun with out battery’s. I have told lots of mums about these toys.

  77. rachel ringwood says:

    No batteries, good quality, bright and fun xx

  78. Victoria Iwan says:

    They are so fun and unique

  79. lyn burgess says:

    thanks for the review. It was very informative, and I will be keeping an eye out for the toys.

  80. lyn burgess says:

    thanks for the review. It was very informative, and I will be keeping an eye out for the toys. I love the idea of no batteries being needed

  81. Jade Missy Evans says:

    I love how well made they are and that they are child friendly not like some other toys that break as soon as there’s a bit of rough and tumble. I love that there’s no batteries which means no tears when they run out and you haven’t got any batteries left to replace them! I love how bright and colourful they are and so appealing to children :) x

  82. Gemma m williams says:

    I love the quality, my little monster is not the most gentle of girls and they have survived!,,

  83. emma collins says:

    no batteries and durable what more can you ask for

  84. Tracy Newton says:

    They a big, chunky, sturdy toys that survive being played with by boisterous toddlers. They really do have the WOW factor

  85. Bright, Strong and good fun

  86. Kirsty Greer says:

    Durable and colourful x

  87. Samantha J says:

    no batteries is a definite bonus

  88. the cardboard scene that every toy comes with x

  89. big and chunky

  90. Well made toys with no batteries.

  91. laura jones says:

    well made imaginative original pleasing to children good for mums peace of mind and purse

  92. Kathy Cakebread says:

    love that they’re well made

  93. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Quality and not to ‘over made’ i.e. complicated.

  94. whats not to love they are fantastic

  95. karen hutchinson says:

    no batteries

  96. vicki hennie says:

    love the colours and the simplicity

  97. sarah rees says:

    they are durable, colourful and wonderful for little hands to grab hold of

  98. that they dont need batteries is fab, thanks for the chance to win this, xxx

  99. kerry Locke says:

    They are extremely robust – the way my kids bash them around they need to be!

  100. laura stewart says:

    they keep children entertained

  101. Spencer Broadley says:

    Keeps my sons entertained and they cant break them – I hope !!!!

  102. Laura Pritchard says:

    The attention to detail.

  103. Rachel Craig says:

    They look so interesting being :- bright, colourful and sturdy.

  104. Samantha Fenn says:

    No batteries… I often wander how much I could’ve saved on batteries over the years if we only had WOW toys

  105. Mickie Bull says:

    That they don’t require batteries

  106. Rosalind Blight says:

    good quality and no batteries :D

  107. Lynsey Ward says:

    The quality and the fact they don’t need batteries.

  108. Emma Anderson says:

    I love that they are colourful, engaging and sturdy (a must in our house!!).

  109. anne murray says:

    The colours and how durable they are.

  110. Alison Smith says:

    Good quality, durable toys, love the bright colours and no need for batteries! Hurrah!

  111. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says:

    Love that they look so chunky, and appealing! :-) These much remind me of toys of my youth, and I would be happy to join my kids playing with these chunky funky WOW toys! :-) Thanks for the review! :-)

  112. lorraine polley says:

    i love the fact that they are chunky and easy to clean

  113. jennifer thorpe says:

    I love how durable and strong they are

  114. Susan Hall says:

    They are so entertaining

  115. No batteries!

  116. Pam Gregory says:

    They look so well made & long lasting

  117. They are great value, great quality, educational and most of all – FUN !

  118. child friendly and well made

  119. No batteries!

  120. pippa saunders says:

    I love the bright colours and the role play aspects of the design my daughter loves them

  121. Tammy Tudor says:

    The quality and uniqueness!

  122. katrina walsh says:

    I love the lifetime of them! I rate these and little tikes as the 2 best x

  123. Hannah Beadle says:

    I love their colours and how they do so much without batteries

  124. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Great value for money

  125. Donna Towner says:

    They are colourful robust and very durable

  126. Lucy Higgins says:

    No batteries!!!!!

  127. michelle bennett says:

    Dont need batteries and are bulky enough for little hands to hold

  128. They are well made and very colourful

  129. leanne bell says:

    Well made & a choice available.

  130. They never break

  131. Our 2 year old boy has all sorts of toys with all sorts of contraptions ,flashing lights etc etc but his favourite toys are the WOW toys,so simple and likeable he loves them.

  132. katie skeoch says:

    the variety and affordability x

  133. Kayleigh White says:

    Colourful, chunky and full of character that brings the imagination out of any child.

  134. Christina Curtis says:

    They are well made, great to play with and have such vibrant colours.

  135. nikki cook says:

    Love the fact that theyre great toys that dont need the dreaded batteries!

  136. kim neville says:

    they are child friendly and last long

  137. Susan Sargent says:

    They are strong, colourful and need no batteries

  138. Teresa Sheldon says:

    I love them because they are well and safely made, with no tiny fiddle bits to worry about, there colourful and bright and cheerful, they suit a range of ages and there made to last so can be handed down the family

  139. Jackie ONeill says:

    the wide range

  140. alison berry says:

    Great value for money

  141. rod jackson says:

    it doesn’t tke batteries.

  142. Angela butcher says:

    Your toys look very vibrent and durable

  143. Jen Schofield says:

    Really colourful and very good quality

  144. no batteries!

  145. Their durability

  146. They have a great range of toys

  147. Catherine V says:

    They are well designed & children just love them :)

  148. Susan Taylor says:

    Child friendly

  149. Sarah Walford says:

    They are great as they are really strong and so when they get chewed or played with they don’t break but they are still fun toys

  150. Shelly Beckman says:

    Great range that are really bright, engaging and fun!

  151. I like that they are so easy for kids to play with and don’t need batteries :-)

  152. Joanne Welsh says:

    Child friendly

  153. I love the look of these toys, they look like they would stand the test of time, my daughter loves everything pink so these would go with her collection nicely!

  154. julie baxter says:

    i love that theres a wide variety of toys :)

  155. I love the styling. They are so cute.

  156. Christina Palmer says:

    What a fab prize would keep my Grandchildren happy on there visits

  157. I love how hard wearing WOW toys are and they are suitable for both boys and girls regardless

  158. Danka Bakic says:


  159. brenda heads says:

    They do not break easily and can survive a tantrum or two.

  160. michelle dootson says:

    very colourful

  161. Zoey Deacon says:

    Love WOW toys

  162. i love all the cool figures!

  163. Amy Skinner says:

    no batteries, robust, bright colours

  164. Elaine Savage says:

    The variety is very exciting, my grandchildren love them

  165. Angela Wilson says:

    I love the colours, they’re very appealing.

  166. Danielle Graves says:

    the bright colours and durability

  167. Tracey Quinn says:

    Solid toys & no batteries

  168. Fathima Khan says:

    Totally love the “no batteries” idea ;-)

  169. they are sturdy, colourful and can cope with my girls battering them

  170. erica montgomery says:

    The quality xxxx

  171. They are so well built and don’t need batteries

  172. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    Fabulous colours & don’t come with loads f useless ‘bits’

    Kel x

  173. LESLEY RENSHAW says:

    Value for money

  174. Good quality

  175. Penny Ford says:

    They are very well constructed


  177. Catherine Bell says:

    well made toys that don’t need batteries

  178. Esme McCrubb says:


  179. no batteries to run out constantly!

  180. tracy sinclair says:

    So many to choose from, for girls and boys, they are colourful and really good value too x

  181. They are lovely and colourful

  182. sturdy and colourful

  183. amanda davis says:


  184. Hollie Adlam says:

    No batteries, durable, fun, last along time, motorised vehicles! i LOVE wow! x

  185. Veronica Therawati says:

    great quality and unique

  186. Bex allum says:

    Long lasting and can be thrown about :)

  187. rachel richardson says:

    WOW for a reason! x

  188. jessica Agyin says:

    cool colours and good quality

  189. helen booth says:

    They look great quality, bright bold colours, lots to use the imagination with!

  190. emma falvi says:

    they are colourful and educational

  191. Bridgette Birkett says:

    they don’t need batteries

  192. Miss Helen Southam says:

    Their excellent quality

  193. Michelle Scampton says:

    They don’t need batteries, durable and great fun

  194. Claire Appleton says:

    They are colourful, sturdy and reliable as well as fun! :)

  195. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Love that they are bright and chunky and last well.

  196. Liz ferguson says:

    No batteries, so mine won’t go missing out of various things, and I when I come to use it, it’s dead!

  197. Tricia Cowell says:

    I love it that they have no batteries, they are colourful and last

  198. Samantha Doherty says:

    such solid toys and colourful

  199. Hazel Christopher says:

    I love how hard wearing they are compared to a lot of other toys, they are so strong.

  200. Nicola Holland says:

    Realistic toys for little hands :)

  201. cheryl lovell says:

    I love the bright colours and reasonable prices :)

  202. Very cute..:)

  203. louise bennett says:

    there strong

  204. Natalie Crossan says:

    They’re so colourful and engaging :)

  205. Katarzyna Szewczyk says:

    They are solid, colourfull and dot need batteries.

  206. Becky Downey says:


  207. I like the fact the children enjoy them

  208. sturdy bright and especially made for little fingers

  209. they are colourful

  210. Wendy Tyler says:

    They are really durable and inspire children’s imagination.

  211. Kim Robinson says:

    I love wow toys because ( we have several in our house !) they are robust , durable and friction powered meaning the boys can be quite rough with them, they last and don’t need batteries ! Fantastic value for money !

  212. Joanne Sayles says:

    They are durable and colourful!

  213. They re high quality and last.

  214. Christine Caple says:

    Solid, bright and colourful, and no batteries needed.

  215. Katie Walker says:

    It’s the little things that they think of. Not only are they well made they have little touches. The colouring page is a great idea as kids are often impatient waiting for you to take it out. And the background is nice for creating a scene the kids can engage with

  216. shelagh milne says:

    They’re well made, the kids love them and they clean easily.

  217. granddaughter could be very very happy!!

  218. michelle drew says:

    made to last no batterys hours of fun

  219. Julie Banks says:

    Well made, educational and fun

  220. margaret moe dunlop says:

    love that there so chunky & colourful

  221. claire matthews-curtis says:

    They are great quality an really well priced

  222. Robby Price says:

    No batteries what a God send

  223. kirsty slow says:

    their toys are colourful

  224. stacey kirkbride says:

    they’re colourful and perfect for little hands

  225. karen dixon says:

    No batteries!!!

  226. Anne-Marie says:

    They are so bright and enticing

  227. Jade Walsh says:

    So cute and long lasting :)

  228. Rebecca nisbet says:

    The varieties of different toys you can get for boys and girls

  229. natalee gosiewski says:

    The fact the are great quality and really sturdy they don’t break when toddlers throw them about

  230. Lowri Earith says:

    love the chunky shape

  231. Nyasha Mtutu says:

    Nice chunky toys for little hands

  232. kay panayi says:

    the quality and the range x

  233. Laura Vitty says:

    I love that they’re traditionally good fun and not too high-tech!

  234. Well made

  235. adrian price says:

    Great Quality

  236. Becky Shorting says:

    the chunky shape and bright colours

  237. Janine Atkin says:

    they are simple toys that keep children entertained for hours

  238. Jo-Anne holton says:

    They are extremely durable and no batteries!!!

  239. Claire Nelson says:

    Great quality and fun

  240. Kirsty Woods says:

    Simple and sturdy

  241. Debbie skinner says:

    Well made and of course no Batteries x

  242. In all honestly, until now- I can’t say that I have come across this range-BUT after reading this i am sure my little man and i could have lots of fun with these toys,espec as they do not need batteries :)

  243. Trudi Walsh says:

    Fun, funky & they have a great range!

  244. Kelly Roberts says:

    I like them because they are brightly coloured, good quality toys

  245. Victoria leedham says:

    Sturdy and silent!

  246. Alison Johnson says:

    Imaginative & perfect for little hands

  247. Caroline Blaza says:

    They are strong, don’t need batteries and the kids love them

  248. Kristy Brown says:

    Their durability and price!

  249. The bright colours and easy to handle for my son

  250. Suzie Heard says:

    Fun, Durable toys that kids love.

  251. my son loves the bright colours and how fun they are

  252. Hayley Todd says:

    They are excellent quality, brilliant for imaginative play and are strong and durable x

  253. leanne williams says:

    I love that they are both unique and well made

  254. I love the wonderful colours and the durability!

  255. I love Wow toys, they are sturdy and leave room for imagination.

  256. They are creative,colourful and my granddaughter loves playing with them.

  257. bridget smith says:

    very well made, need no batteries–bonus!! and kids will love them

  258. Rachael Donovan says:

    There bright funky chunky safe and fun x

  259. Durability, bright colours and Max loves the little people that come with them

  260. Ellen Stafford says:

    They are well made and colourful

  261. Alfredo Vazquez says:

    A great range of toys

  262. jodie harvey says:

    i think they are very suited for the ages recommended, very well made and robust and lovely and bright for little ones :)

  263. Jilll Fairbank says:

    Child friendly for the age range

  264. Naomi Buchan says:

    Very hardwaring and brightly coloured x

  265. champaklal lad says:

    The design of the car in the picture is brilliant, assume other toys are just as well designed

  266. Jacqueline Parker says:

    The toys look well made so they could be passed on to younger children when your child has outgrown them.

  267. Lucy Mayer says:

    Bright colours, lovely shape to hold!

  268. george brown says:

    attractiveness and durability

  269. bright colour’s and playful

  270. Pauline Burroughs says:

    They are bright and immediately catch a child’s interest getting them to use their imagination – so much better than computer games

  271. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    Well made

  272. rachael jones says:

    the bright awesome colours !

  273. Jane Middleton says:

    the fact that you don’t need batteries

  274. Sarah Mcknight says:

    They seem to last longer because they are well built :) Love the colours also.

  275. Dessallara says:

    Don’t need batteries! :)

  276. Kelly Hooper says:

    The lovely bright colours and durability of the toys

  277. Tamsin Dean says:

    These are so pretty, no battries needed is such a plus point

  278. there unique

  279. I love the variety of the toys and the bright colours.

  280. Beautiful quality toys

  281. Fabulous quality and encourage role play and imagination

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