Top tips to create a completely unique office space


Something exciting is happening in the world of office design. Across the globe, companies are creating evermore innovative and unusual spaces for their workers to operate in. Trailblazers such as Pixar and Google are leading the way with outlandish offices, but organisations of all types are … [Continue reading] Review

At immediate first impressions, the website is a well presented, clear font and clutter free. The colours are well used, representing the brands packaging, the links at the header are minimalist and clearly presented and there are no adverts to be seen on the website. The bottom of the page has all … [Continue reading]

Easter Chocolate nests recipe for Children


Ingredients    100g butter, cubed 1 tbsp cocoa powder 50g milk chocolate buttons 75g golden syrup 4 Shredded Wheat 36 mini chocolate … [Continue reading]

Let your Children Earn at Free Time and Make them Learn to be Responsible Individuals

piggy small

Parents hate seeing their children being idle and bored during free times, and they would love to see them doing something productive. As parents, we … [Continue reading]

Extreme Couponing The UK vs The USA


I have seen some comments regarding what is seen on the Extreme Couponing TV series in America and the current couponing nature in the UK. I have said … [Continue reading]

Saturday 1st March Newspaper Coupons


The Daily Star has a coupon for £5 off a £40 Spend at Lidi. The Daily Express also has a coupon for £5 off a £40 Spend at Lidi . and The Sun … [Continue reading]

Saving on family meals, Uncle Bens vs Tesco Everyday Value


I must admit I'm a big fan of Uncle Bens Sweet and Sour Sauce with extra pineapple but today I decided to put the Tesco Everyday Value brand to the … [Continue reading]

Money Saving Coupons of the week


Printable Coupon for £1 Off Weight Watchers Love Fibre flakes at Tesco and ASDA - … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Warming Winter Meal


This is my favourite winter warmer recipe and my entry to the competition (a good place to buy a slow cooker to … [Continue reading]

Entertain your Children and eat tasty Cupcakes for £1


During my recent shop at Asda I saw the Hello Kitty Cute Cupcake Kit for £1 so I decided to bake them today with my little girl Mollie-Rose who is 2 … [Continue reading]